The System

Flight Simulation these days is highly dependent on the performance of the PC system powering it, however there are still limitations in what can be achieved, yet as enthusiasts we still strive to achieve “as real as it gets”. I recommend Windows 10 x64 mainly due to remove the 32bit RAM limitation however I MUST stress that there still is a 4GB VAS Limit…. Read here for more information.

With that limit in mind we do need to find a sweet spot that provides the best all round performance and stops any Out Of Memory (OOM) crashes that can plague a great flight (usually on final approaches).

My Rig

Following a recent upgrade I am now proud to show off some of my components that make up my system/rig.

i7-6700 cpu Intel i7-6700 (Skylake).
This processor seems to be the ‘preferred’ choice of the enthusiast. This processor is base rated at 3.4GHz over a Quad Core layout and is able to be overclocked to 4.20GHz. Paired with a capable ASUS mainboard (see below) overclocking is as easy as clicking a few options.
z170 ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming Board (LGA1151 Socket).
ASUS have some of the best gaming motherboards in the PC market today. This board features some very nice features to help the gamer get the most out of there system. With integrated LED control and fan control there are load of ways to spice up the power, just don’t keep it covered…. Show it off Specs – READ MORE.
nVidia GeForce  GTX-1050Ti – (ASUS ROG-STRIX)
FINALLY – I have upgraded what was the oldest component on my rig, it’s out the GeForce 660 and in with my new GeForce 1050Ti. So now I’ve removed the bottleneck I’m eager to stretch the legs…. FEATURES: 1506MHz clock in Overclock (OC) mode for amazing 1080p gaming. 4GB of RAM for increased performance and less stutter.
ram Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 RAM.
The latest in RAM technology designed from trouble free overclocking on the latest Intel based X99 and 100 series main boards. With a larger bandwidth over DDR3 RAM and a faster clock speed. It certainly opens up the bottleneck that often occurs with FSX and underpowered systems, I have seen nearly 100fps in some areas on the world I am very happy.
cpu cooler Be Quiet Dark Rock 3 CPU Cooler.
I have been an avid user of Be Quiet Dark Rock coolers for quite some time. The Dark Rock 3 CPU cooler, they are the market leaders and feature powerful and inaudible double layer fans. Proving to be a suitable form of cooling for overclocked systems. The heat sink is made from high quality copper and aluminium.
Zalman X11 Plus ATX PC Case
I moved to a smaller format of PC case. The Zalman is a very striking focal point of the installation.
Saitek Pro Flight X56 Rhino
Recently I’ve had to change out my old flight controllers from the Thrustmaster A10 Warthog I faithfully promoted and enjoyed to a new Saitek Pro Flight X56 system; Why? The throttles have unfortunately stopped working. See my review.