Round the World 2016

One of the most dangerous journeys any pilot can take is to circumnavigate the blue marble we call Earth. We are thinking about loosely following “Aerosoft’s around the world in 80 flights”. I say loosely as we aren’t going to be flying a Lockheed Electra, instead we are bringing the trip itinerary into the 21st Century.

We have just taken delivery of a new aircraft suited well for this trip and can cover the vast open spaces quickly and comfortably. So what is it then….. Out of a plethora of aircraft from vintage piston power to sleek jet engine executive jets. I’ve chosen our new addition to the fleet. Carenado Embraer 505 Phenom 300 Series. Having flown back from Palma De Mallorca to Farnbourgh (our starting point) the aircraft provides a stable and modern environment to help us on our quest.

More Airplane Stuff…

The aircraft has the ability to haul a little over 1 tonne in payload, which should help us for those little repair jobs that may arise, but with the regular servicing stops for engine checks and airframe checks we are not fore seeing any major issues. Todays flight like I mentioned was to position in the aircraft to the starting position whilst giving us the chance to ‘shake down’ the systems.

The Systems


Range (nm) 1,971
Seating 6-10
Total Baggage Capacity (cu. ft) 84
Take off Length (ft) 3,138
Engine Thrust (lbf) 3,360
MMO (mach) 0.78
Max Operation Altitude (ft) 45.000
Avionics Suite Prodigy Flight Deck 300

Photo Reel

Isle of White and the English Channel on our decent towards the UK.
Avionics System shutdown after a successful flight from Mallorca
Parked up on stand, ready to get checked over by the engineers. Ready to go off to the south of France