RTW – Arrival into Australia

Finally we made it… The furthest point away from the UK and also the furthest point south on our trip and essentially our halfway point. This has been amazing trip and experience and once again I want to add how impressed I am with the Embraer aircraft. I’m sat in a quiet B&B about 20min from Darwin Airport…But lets recap.

OK guys, firstly sorry about the lack of posting since India, there have been a few changes happening which have been difficult and expensive and has meant that the posting of trips became a lesser priority, however I am hoping that we have now overcome those issues as we move forward from here. Indonesia is a stunning part of the world and a place I’d love to come back to and explore properly. You may remember that during this trip we have had our ‘mobile workshop’ aircraft (747-400F), shadowing us and landing at providing a workshop at various major airports on our trip.

Darwin is our stopover in Australia and is where we meet our 747-400F as we prepare for the epic crossings of The Pacific Ocean. Given the distances involved crossing the Pacific and the fact of limited places to land I have decided to prepare and load The Embraer into the cargo deck of the 747 and to swap to flying the 747 until we arrive on the mainland USA, if that being said we have a 747 stopover in Fuji and Hawaii.


Daybreak aswe prepare for Takeoff
Various Photoes for Indonesia and into Australia

RTW – Indonesia

Good evening my fellow friends and pilots, well this post is a catch up post to bring you all up to date with my flying and this global adventure. Since we landed at Jakarta I have had to fly back to the UK do go on my belated honeymoon as well update my Fly UK flying hours to keep myself current. The Middle East is a stunning part of the world, the weather on the other hand is still somewhat a bit ropey but we seem to be getting through most of it. The Phenom is now at the furthest point I’ve ever been from The UK so every flight from here will be a first. I must admit that Embraer make some brilliant corporate jets, and I can easily see me using this one for the majority of my private travel.


We’re back here again, in the rain….. the hot and sweaty rain…. Least the aircraft is clean.

Low visability, however with a full IFR rating we should be OK, weather is looking good at cruising altitude.

Punching through the cloud and weather, into clear blue.

Descent and preparation for approach

Final Approach – back into the rain