Flying the Big Ones

The basics of flying remains the same no matter with you fly a Cessna or a Boeing 747, no pilot can just sit in the left seat of a jumbo and just fly, they need to work up the scale, assuming that you may still be new to the hobby, I urge you to start once again in a Cessna or similar ‘beginners’ aircraft.

The basic principles of flight or the same no-matter what the aircraft is the changing factor is the speed. I know that there are many pilots who have no desire to fly ‘heavy’ jets, likewise there are many pilots who won’t fly anything smaller than the hotshot favourite of a Boeing 737. There is an aircraft for everybody’s tastes.

I’m working on a simple training program, although I will base it on a PMDG 737 you should try it in the default as the lessons will translate over.

See my first flight article to see the basic flight layout.

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