As you dive more and more into the world of Flight Simulation and it’s surrounding communities you’ll find that there is no shortage of accessories to enhance your overall experience and make it feel more realistic. The only question left is “where do I start?” Now is most cases of flight simulation there is a way of piloting an aircraft with only a keyboard and mouse, there is one MUST HAVE accessory needed to make things a little bit easier and that is (in my humble opinion) a joystick or flight yoke… Now I’m not going to give you a list of which to buy or not buy, I’ll leave that for you… The flying instruments I have is the Thrustmaster A10 Warthog HOTAS*, although it’s pretty expensive and comes with a huge array of buttons it does the same job as any of the cheaper products on the market, in addition I have the saitek rudder pedals to control the rudders/tail rotors and they feature independent toe brakes. There are many different modules and displays that you can attach to your computer. All these are around to help enhance you flight simulation.

Sooner or later you will start to find that you ‘gravitate’ to a single manufacturer. That decision is yours to take, during my ‘flying career’ I have become a strong follower of Saitek, it started off with a gaming mouse and keyboard, not long after I decided to purchase the Cyborg F.L.Y 5, this was when I started to discover the durability of their products, the flight stick offered a twist function to help control the rudder functions and one of the few to feature a split throttle system – this proved to be a huge selling feature for me as I operate multi-engine aircraft (more on setup later, after a few years I felt it was time to upgrade the controls, this is when I made the huge jump to the Thrustmaster system I mentioned above, this system served me for a number of years, however I lost the rudder control when I upgraded so I turned once again to Saitek and purchased a set of Pro-Flight rudder pedals.

*A few months ago my Thrustmaster system (the throttles) stopped working forcing me to change the system, once again I chose Saitek and their newest product, the X56Rhino.

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