RTW – Australia to Fiji

GOOD AFTERNOON! Today we are heading eastward over the northern terrirtories of Australia from Darwin. We’re sat in the pilots lounge waiting for our workshop to be prepared for our Embraer to be loaded on board, fuelled and loaded. Our flight plan shows a flight time over 5hours, we are heading to Fiji, but we won’t be doing any sightseeing, due to the tense political situation that always is in the background since the MIlitray government was voted out in 2014. Also we are scheduled to land way after dark which is actually a good thing as the airport cannot handle a 747 during the day due to the traffic.

Good news is that Mike has re-joined us after having to deal with some issues back in The UK. So we have all we need to make our first 747RTW flight. Also I think I better mention a big thank you for the team at Fly UK for loaning me a 747-400F to make these trips. 😛


Our ‘mobile workshop’ sat on the ramp waiting for us to board.

Systems online and ready for taxy.

We’ve installed a few small cameras to provide you with some of those stunning wing views.
Darwin tower sent us this image as we made our way to the runway.

Cleared for take-off, the sun is already starting to go down.

Climbing out of Darwen over the clear blue water, next stop Fiji.


Hello again we’re nicely on our way to Fiji, I thought I’d give give a quick flight report, we are a little over half way to our destination, having just left Australia slightly north east of Cairns, the weather is nice a calm all the way to Fiji with a good report expected throughout approach and landing. One thing I do not like during a night flight with no moon… everywhere is a black, since the sunset over Australia and no lights over the desserts of Australia we have nothing but out instruments to watch. Probably the next lights we will see are the runway lights of Fiji.

Sunset, being at 39,000ft gives you some stunning colours

Wing cameras picking out parts of Northern Australia and sunset

Nothing to see outside, all we have is flight deck lights, instruments and coffee.


Welcome to Fiji! We are staying a small hotel around the corner from the Airport, we managed to get a temporary visa to enter Fiji that’s valid for 24hrs. From here we will plan our next flight over The Pacific Ocean to Hawaii, that will be our entry into The United States. We’re nearly home


Final descent into Fiji.
Final Approach ILS.

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